FTTH Customer Assemblies

The Prysmian QUICKDR@W® by JCS Technologies has been designed to be the fastest, easiest network connection, enabling low cost incremental installation of the solution for customer drop.

QUICKDR@W® is a complete system for the last mile, FTTH and campus networks comprising pre-connectorised fibre cable lead-in assemblies and connectorised lead-in joint, cable management products and installation equipment.

With ruggedised cable leads, provided with connectors at each section end, the final connection to the customer is achieved by plugging directly into fibre management products within the external network and at the customer premises.

The “plug and play” approach means that the final connection to the customer is achieved without the need for highly skilled operators or expensive equipment.

  • Direct fibre broadband connection

  • Pre-connectorised bidirectional WDM link

  • Easily installed through long ducts