MTP Cabling Systems – Pre-terminated Cabling Solutions

JCS Technologies offers a market leading low loss MTP solution, including enclosures, cassettes, assemblies, fan outs and patch cords. The environments these products can be used within are varied but would typically include Data Centres, Storage Area Networks (SAN’s), building backbones and various Telco applications. This modular solution is ideal for low or high density applications and can be used for either new sites or added to existing cabling systems.
In order to offer the highest quality plug and play solution available we choose to only use the US Conec MTP Elite connectors in the range of products we manufacture and sell. We understand the value that this product brings and the high potential cost of choosing cheaper MPO products. Unlike our competitors in this market, not only can we buy and sell high quality parts but we can also terminate them locally. We have the rare position of having staff trained by US Conec in their USA training facility. This gives us the ability to offer low loss, high quality and locally made assemblies which allows us to offer special lengths and a quick turnaround on assemblies when needed in a hurry.
As a package, we offer a competitively priced, flexible, high quality system of parts that can be locally supported by an Australian company with minimal lead times on special cable assembly lengths. Our products are supported by a team of highly experienced and technically proficient staff.

MTP Fibre Optic Rackmount Enclosure and Preconfigured Cassettes

The JCS Technologies MTP rack mountable Fibre Optic Break Out Tray (FOBOT) offers a front and rear cover as well as a front sliding tray providing easy user access to both sides of the installed cassettes either during installation or throughout the life of the system. Each 1RU enclosure accepts up to 3 x MTP* cassettes offering a range of fibre densities from 12 through to 72 fibre core applications. Each cassette has been designed to accept up to 4 x MTP adapters giving flexibility to the location of each adapter and cable exit path within the enclosure or allowing a 24 core cable to be split into 3 x 8 core services within one cassette which offers great savings in fibre core count density when some high speed applications are deployed.

Many cassette configurations are available and can be supplied separately or with the enclosure as a kitted item with the cassettes already installed, labelled and wired as needed. This enclosure and cassettes combine the strength of steel with a quality powder coated finish.

*MTP* is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.