Custom Cables & Wire Harnesses for Computers, Monitors, Networking, Industrial

JCS are committed to providing customers with the latest in custom cable assembly design, engineering and manufacturing. This, combined with Quality Components, Advanced Equipment and Tooling, Very Competitive Prices, and Excellent Technical Support, has made us an industry leader in custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses.

Custom Computer Cables for Serial Applications
  • RS232 Y Cable
  • Flat Ribbon Cable for DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37, DB50 Connections
  • RS232 Cable Adapters
  • DB15 Cables
  • DB25 Serial Null-Modem Cable
  • Standard RS232 Cables
  • RS232 Extension Data Cables
  • RS-232 Extended Distance Cables with Moulded Hoods
  • Serial Printer Cables
  • PC/AT Modem Cables
  • DB9 Serial Null Modem Cables
  • PC Data Transfer Cable
  • DB25 Extension Cable
  • DB9 Extension Cable with EMI/RFI Protection
  • Tail-Circuit Cables and Null-Modem Cables
Custom Computer Cables for Parallel Applications
  • Parallel Port Cables for high-speed parallel printers
  • Hypercable Assemblies to extend parallel transmission
  • Centronics Extension Cable Assemblies
  • IEEE1284, A, B, C, Compatible Cables
  • Parallel Printer Cables
  • Super Flexible Parallel Cables with Slimline 90° Connectors