MTRJ Fibre Optic Leads

We manufacture and market MTRJ Fibre Optic Leads, such as MTRJ-MTRJ, MTRJ-ST, MTRJ-SC, for Multimode Duplex 62.5/125um and Singlemode Duplex 9/125um. The MTRJ fibre optic cabling system is a high density solution for premise cabling systems.

As the name suggests, the system is designed to bring many of the benefits of the RJ45 modular plug and jack system to fibre optics: High Density, lower costs, recognised from some of the largest equipment manufacturers and ease of use.

MTRJ-MTRJ, MTRJ-ST, MTRJ-SC, Multimode Duplex 62.5/125um, Singlemode Duplex 9/125um, OS2 Singlemode

Colours Available
The MTRJ connector is compliant with all IEEE 802.3z applications.

Fibre Optic Patch leads are available in a range of jacket types eg; Low Smoke Zero Halogen, PVC and Plenum