Pre-terminated Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies are ideal where field termination is impracticable or in time-critical situations, and have become the preferred solution in Data Centre applications.
JCS pre-terminated cables can be manufactured to any specified length using a wide range of fibre core counts, indoor and outdoor cable, and connector types.
Both cable ends are terminated with a loose tube fan-out kit for ease of installation. An optional pulling sock provides excellent fibre and connector protection during hauling and installation.


  • Indoor or outdoor (duct) installations
  • Data centres
  • Backbone cables


  • Custom build to order
  • Factory-terminated and tested
  • Custom length, connector and cable
  • Staggered terminations for ease of pulling
  • Up to 48 fibre cores
  • Optional pulling sock
  • Greatly reduced installation time
  • No need for field terminations / splices
  • Fast response

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Fanout Cable Assemblies with SC, ST, LC or MTRJ

MTP Optical Fibre is an excellent solution for connecting devices, quickly and reliably. Pre-terminated fibre cords, breakout cassettes and fibre assemblies complete a network.

SAVES SPACE! Each MTP connector contains 12 fibre terminations in one connector the size of a simplex SC. The ribbon cable takes up very little space.

SAVES TIME! 12 fibres are connected with a single insertion.

MTP Fibre Cables & Breakout Cassettes
OCC Breakout Cassettes

An MTP Cassette adapts the MTP to MTRJ, LC, ST or SC ports. The cassette is small yet sturdy. Another option is the MTP coupler.

Testing is not necessary as all coMTPnents have been factory tested.

MTP ribbon is available in 62.5/125um, 50/125um and 9/125um.

Fanout assemblies are also available with SC, ST, LC or MTRJ.

MTP/MTP Spec Difference between Straight Thru and Crossover